Senin, 21 September 2009

How much is your price?


In this time, which crisis happen, many people hard to find a job. Some people take every job he can to increase their income. Some people have job that is not match with their education. It's not rare in this time.It is better to have a job that not match with our ability than jobless. At least you have money to buy some food. This crisis makes life harder and harder.

This situation sometimes make jobseeker 'decrease their price'. What does it mean? In interview, when the manager of human resource which interviewing you ask your salary, we are doubt to set our salary high. It's a double-edge sword. If you set your price to high, then maybe you will lost the chance to get the job. But if you set your price too low, I'll tell you, it's sucks.

I will not give you an example from old past figure such as Henry Ford or Dale Carnegie, someone else. I'll give you an example about myself. I don't live in America, I live in a country which the mnimum salary is too low. We can't save our money from the minimum salary. Cost of life is so high. It's a hard life isn't it? Ow, I'll tell you once again, it's the condition in which country I live, maybe it's different in your country. Here the story about me...

I am just a 19 years old and my highest education is Senior High School. And I am still in college now. In my country, maybe the highest salary for me is $100 a month, and it's gross salary, including cost to eat and transport. It's too low isn't it? And when you're graduate from college or university, your salary maybe just $150.

This situation makes me sick. I have to buy some medicine for my mom which had transplanted her kidney to take care of her kidney. I have to buy food for my family. I have to pay my own education. Ow, my mom still working to help but it's not enough.
Well, my situation is hard isn't it. I need job and high salary, but if I set my salary too high, I will lose the chance.

But I don't care. I know that I can do better than someone graduated from university. That's what I think and I set it deeper in my mind. I set it deeper that I can beat university graduated person. I set it in my mind, my price is high. YEAH!! MY PRICE IS HIGH!! It’s $$200. My salary is higher than the graduated one even my education is lower than them. It's true and It's the fact. My friend which is my classmate in colleger even get higher, his salary +/- $350

Me only work for 6 month to increase my salary around $50 in a place where increasement of salary is rare or only $10 for a year working. I have no work experience before. My friend has more experience than me. And you know what, my position in my office is a position which need knowledge that not match with my education background.

The key is, set it in your mind that you desire to get high salary or higher than now. And of course, use all of your knowledge, have anthusiasm. Make a new idea for your office. I always create a new idea for my office. And then I make my boss start to think about me.